Highlights of 2014

Greetings !

First post of 2015! Happy New Year to all of you! Wishes of health and the rest will come along naturally!  I have extended my vacation Holidays to rest and take time away from the blogs, social media and internet.  It felt so good!

Time flies so fast.  It’s already been a year since I started blogging and I have received products from so many brands.  I couldn’t possibly name them all, but I wanted to mention my highlights.  I take testing really seriously because I believe you, founders, crafters, and artists, put your heart and soul in your creations, so I want to be as objective as possible.  And for the readers, I want to be as truthful as possible.  I started this blog solely to document my own passion and share my findings with you.  I chose to do so establishing my own rules, but abiding by one fundemental principle: integrity.  I would NOT recommend a product or a brand I would not purchase myself.  I am like you, an active woman trying to figure out what works and doesn’t for my skin and ultimately for my health.  I am NOT an expert on skincare, I simply know what works for my skin, and what works for me might not work for you.

This is not a review, but a listing of some of my favorite products for 2014.




I have such dry skin, so I like to use the cleansing oil method or cleansing balms, especially in the winter. This balm is truly one of my favorites.  It’s also a multi-purpose balm, I use it as a spot treatment (I dab a little where I need and leave all night, when I wake up, pimple is almost invisible).




Credits: Laurelskin.com

This mist is UNREAL! Hydrates, nourishes and so soothing.  It was love at first spritz! When I use this elixir, I feel like every cell of my skin relaxes. A must-have for everyone!







Facial oil/serum ( I picked a face oil and a serum)

  • Organic Bath:  Enhance facial oil   I call this one my “glowing agent”.  I like to wear it under makeup and I promise, it’s a natural highlighter! Skin is moist, moisturized and glowing!



Credits: Organicbath.com



odacité night serum

Credits: Odacite.com

Amazing.  Amazing. Amazing. I try to recommend affordable products, but this one is worth every penny (I don’t say this lightly!).  If your budget allows it and if you want a high quality results-oriented serum with fresh, pure and organic ingredients, this is the one to get.







Josh Rosebrook enzyme mask

Credits: Joshrosebrook.com

The enzymes from the herbs, plants and fruit work together to exfoliate and encourage cell turnover.  Go easy if you have very sensitive skin (the walnut shells may irritate), but every skin type can benefit from using this exfoliator.  My skin tone really really improved. You get radiant skin!





Golden path alchemy illuminate mask

Credits: Goldenpathalchemy.com

If you love “DIY-ing” with your skincare products, this is a great one! Pure clays draw impurities from your skin.  A real treat for your skin. There is so many ways to use this mask.  It repairs and helps with hyper-pigmentation. Indulge! (You will read more about my love of Golden Path Alchemy brand in 2015)



nudus image

Credits: nudus.com.au

 I could not do an annual highlights blogpost and not mention this brand.  NUDUS takes the cake when it comes to highlights! Holy Grail lipstick brand! I’m not one for bold claims, but for NUDUS, I’m stealing Tina Turner’s lyrics and I say (in my humble opinion!): “You’re simply the BEST, better than all the rest…”  These lipsticks are everything lipsticks should be: pigmented, fun, vibrant, non-toxic, long-lasting, pigmented, pigmented and also pigmented.  Did I mention they are pigmented?  NUDUS is setting the bar really high for natural and mainstream brands everywhere! Stay tuned for more on my love for NUDUS, I will show you how I wear the different shades!  (Pigmented!)

Cheers to 2015!

There you have it, folks! The year 2014 was my first year of blogging and I discovered so many interesting brands. Now, after a year of intense testing, I can’t wait to share with you what I liked and didn’t like! I hope you’ll stick around and continue to read my posts.  Great things are happening!

Spot any favorites of yours? Leave your comments and questions!

Take care!

Alex xo


6 thoughts on “Highlights of 2014

  1. Lovely picks and some I would love to try that I haven’t yet. (I’m not sure if it’s my computer but none of the links worked for me. Just thought I’d let you know.) Hope you’re having a wonderful 2015 so far!! XOXO

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