About Me

Hi! I’m Arabesque!

About pic Pic Monkey 2015-10-09, 10 01 10 PMWelcome to my blog, focused on Natural Beauty where I will explore skincare, cosmetics and all issues related to beauty. I’ve been passionate about beauty, skincare and cosmetics all my life!  Over the years and through my experiences, my definition of beauty has evolved.  It has become less about the outer appearance and more about what comes from within… I’m on a path to find ” true” beauty, which comes from the heart, from being healthy inside and out! Beauty is not about being superficial, it goes deep within.. I think beauty is everywhere to be found and it’s in every one of us. It’s just a matter of how we choose to express it. Confident. Assured. Achiever. Spontaneous. Dreamer. All words that evoke a beautiful woman to me. We are ALL beautiful! Who ever you are, that is what is beautiful. YOU are beautiful! It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact, so own it! I want to celebrate being unique, so I reject all conventional standards (height, weight, size, color, etc.) of beauty forced upon us by society and media.  Do what ever makes you feel Bea-YOU-tiful and Celebrate Your-Self!

Join me and discover beauty in your own terms!

Arabesque xo


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi, Arabesque, I agree with you – “Green is the new black”! I also like your belief about beauty as an art form, a state of mind. Especially the state of mind part – because when you get right down to it – one’s belief in one’s beauty starts with the state of mind…anyway, thanks for sharing your beliefs.

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