Brand Spotlight: Laurel Whole Plant Organics

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This is my first Brand Spotlight blogpost in a series of many more to come (hopefully), where I will feature brands that epitomize the very definition of Green Beauty. My first choice is, in my opinion, the essence of green beauty: Laurel Whole Plant Organics !


“As we are awakening and learning where our food comes from, this is also a time to be aware of where our skin care comes from, how its made, and what is in it. The most effective skin care is raw, organic, farm sourced, handcrafted and made with love. It’s time to raise the bar for skin care ingredients.”  


The radiant Laurel Shaffer, founder of LWPO

– Laurel Shaffer, founder of Laurel Whole Plant Organics


Laurel Whole Plant Organics is a cult-favorite among bloggers, magazines’s editors, and skincare junkies everywhere… and with good reason!  I have been longing to try some of the products ever since the brand was under the Sequoia Beauty banner.

From Sequoia Beauty to Laurel Whole Plant Organics…

From Sequoia to Laurel Whole Plant Organics

Left: Sequoia Beauty Right: Laurel Whole Plant Organics

One of the changes from Sequoia Beauty is obviously the packaging. Personally,  I much prefer the current packaging to the former one. Sequoia Beauty’s packaging was cute, but the LWPO’s package looks more sophisticated, refined, less amateur-ish.  Natural beauty, sweetheart and founder Laurel Shaffer wanted a packaging that clearly reflected its content. To that I say: “Mission accomplished!” Aside from the packaging, the major shift from Sequoia is the elimination of lotions in favor of balms, which was a bold move, but a smart one! I, for one, love balms! Because I have such dry skin, I tend to gravitate towards them. I’m all about the balms!!  In addition to the balms, Laurel altered most of the original formulas, taking into consideration new plant sciences and discoveries, not yet available 4 years ago, when Sequoia was created. Just recently, LWPO launched an Eye Serum.  If you’re wondering what the difference is between the the Eye Balm and the Eye serum, keep in mind that both are great and can be used depending on your own skin type and skin needs. However, Laurel suggests using the Eye serum during the day and the Eye balm at night.

“Whole Plant Organics”, what does that mean?

What makes this brand unique is that Laurel strives to create 100% ‘whole plant’ organic formulas.  That means the plants maintain their vibrancy, as if they were just plucked from the earth.  The ingredients cannot be chemically refined in anyway, as she feel that only dulls their efficacy. She and her team only accept certified organic ingredients, as they have an average of 40% more antioxidant content.  She also doesn’t use ‘natural’ ingredients that are actually synthetic, like ascorbic acid, CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and others… ALL of those ingredients can be found in the living plants that we use, so they prefer to formulate with that in mind.

Plants Love Science

Laurel-Antioxidant-Face-Serum-440x1024 red heart

Plants Love Science

On every Laurel WPO’s label, you’ll notice a red heart and the words “Plant”, “Love” and “Science” written below the heart.  These words are Laurel’s guidelines, she translates them into 3 major aspects: Purity (Plants), Efficacy (Science) and Love. For Laurel, the purity and efficacy aspects go hand in hand;  the purer the ingredient and formula, the more effective the product. Period.  And the love aspect is so important!  Laurel is deeply dedicated to creating a facial experience that truly transports people and takes them away. She wants us to feel loved and taken care of when using her products.  Again, I say: “mission accomplished!” It may sound corny, but every time I use Laurel’s products, I feel like I just pampered my skin, as I would take care of a loved one.  I feel like I matter, and when you use products that make you feel loved, you feel good about yourself.  Love conquers all, right!

Laurel’s #1 Beauty tip

Laurel believes that less is more! I wholeheartedly agree with that statement! Laurel loves single ingredients such as rosewater, honey and unrefined oils. She also believes in the power of caring for our skin with love and proper skincare.

Final thought…

What attracts me to LWPO is the inherent dedication and passion to educate and inspire women to use skincare as an act of self care and of self love, not to mention that she uses the most cutting edge studies to formulate her products. I honestly trust Laurel’s integrity, so I’m confident that her products are pure and efficient.  Laurel WPO is in alignment with my personal values, not to mention that the products have become essentials in my routine. I have tested many, many, many brands and products since I started blogging (and even before that!) I can assure you, Laurel WPO is one of the most comprehensive lines I’ve seen. And, something tells me it’s only the beginning!

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews on select LWPO products!


Alex xo

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What are your favorite products of Laurel Whole Plant Organics?



Giving Back series: Organic Bath co. changes the world one sale at a time!

Greetings beauties!


“True Beauty Begins with Giving Back” 

                                                              – Organic Bath co.


Yes, my  Giving Back series continues.  By now, you know Organic Bath co. is one of my favorite natural brands and one I recommend in a heart beat.  I’m obsessed with the Stress Less Lavender scrub, I use it regularly. I’m also working on upcoming reviews on their facial and body oils (hint: I can’t stay away, I’m enamored!).  Today, I want to share the humanitarian efforts Organic Bath co. does because their work not only improves lives, but through it, those of us who wish to nurture an eco-conscious mind get some education.  More than ever, that’s exactly the kind of brands I’m looking for, ones in which I recognize my values.  As an active consumer, it’s important for me to put my money where it counts. Just imagine if we all put our money on humanitarian brands like Organic Bath co.  … the world would be a safe haven !  You may say I’m a dreamer…but I do believe we can change things, and that is what Organic Bath co. is doing.  Let’s joined them!

Change the world one sale at a time!

For the founders of Organic Bath co. (Gianne Doherty and her partner), taking care of yourself should be the same as taking care of others and of the planet on which we live.   So, it’s no wonder, OB co. made philanthropy the foundation of their brand. Also, if you know Gianne well, you  know “kindness” is her middle name!  When she founded her business, she wanted to go the extra mile, not only by creating natural, safe skincare, but also by making sure she could dramatically improve people’s lives all over the world. Consequently, she decided that each sale would have the power to do exactly that.

So, for every sale, Organic Bath co. donates portions to 3 different organizations:

  • Global Soap Project: a non-profit organization that  tackles global and health sustainability.  What they do is really amazing!  They reduce waste and save lives with soap!  Yes,
    Global Soap Project logo


    did you know soap alone can be more effective than some vaccines and medications?! In some instances, handwashing can reduce a diarrheal disease. Global Soap Project recycles all the soap discarded by hotels and makes new soap bars, so they can redistribute them through relief efforts and hygiene education programs in several countries and continents. This is such an important cause because it saves a lot of children; according to GSP, the leading causes of death for children in developing countries are hygiene-related illnesses, we’re talking about millions of children every year.


1% For the Planet logo


  • 1% For the Planet: a organization committed to support businesses who want to protect the planet we live on. Each member (business, enterprise, etc.) donates 1% of their sales.  This helps to protect the lands and forests, to make the agricultural and energy production more sustainable, to take plastics out of the oceans and rivers, and more.


  • Fair Trade USA:  Fair Trade is so important and it is fundamental in our society.  What is it?  Fair Trade means you get high quality products and the person who crafted your products gets fair compensation and treatment in return. When you buy Fair Trade, you reduce child labor, you alleviate poverty, you contribute to women’s empowerment (because women do most of the work on farms, larges estates, etc.). It also empowers farmers and workers because they can improve their lives and take their business to a higher capacity on the marketplace. Buy FAIR and Be FAIR!

    Fair Trade USA logo Look for this logo when buying products.  This logo ensures high quality products and fair compensation for the workers. Be Fair, Buy Fair!

    Fair Trade USA logo
    Look for this logo when buying products because it ensures high quality products and fair compensation for the workers. Buy Fair and Be Fair!


I really urge you to use your money consciously, in a manner that benefits you, others and our planet.  It doesn’t mean we have to give up the things we love.  It just means we have to consider putting love first.  I’m so proud to be using Organic Bath co.’s products because it means I’m part of the solution.  There is always a way to give back.  I chose to do it through brands like Organic Bath co.  From now on, I’ll be asking myself this question when I shop:  Am I improving other lives by purchasing this product?

Have you tried Organic Bath co.? What do you think of their philanthropic efforts?

Take care and Give back!

Arabesque xo

*For more info on the organizations, click here or on the links above.

Photo credits:  Logos of Global Soap Project, 1% For the Planet and Fair Trade USA.





Many thanks!

Your love and support means a lot to me...  Thank YOU!

Your love and support mean a lot to me… Thank YOU!

Hello beauties!!

A quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your patience and your support. I’ve received some lovely comments of encouragement and love.  You have my total gratitude for it.  I love blogging, it allows me to express my passions through writing.  I also started it to chronicle my journey into a more sustainable and “green” lifestyle.  I love the connections I’ve made with all of you and I hope it will continue to grow as such.  I felt really sad to have to pause my blogging activities for awhile because I am committed to this blog and to you, readers, friends, fellow bloggers, etc.

Those of you who know me the best are aware of my health issues, which I really do not want to use as an excuse.  That said, I’m on my feet again, I’m feeling much better and I will begin my reviews later this week.

Next up, is a series of reviews of a delicious Canadian brand I fell in love with at first sight!  Can you guess the name of the brand?  Stay tuned!!


Again, thank you for your patience, I appreciate it beyond the telling of words.


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Greetings beauties!

Every time I fall down, I give it a good cry, then I realize that the only way to go is...UP!  So, I dust myself off, pick myself up and try again.

Every time I fall down, I give it a good cry, then I realize that the only way to go is…UP!
So, I dust myself off, pick myself up and I try again.

I really want to express my deepest apologies.  I have had to  put my blog on hold for a while due to some illness.  But do not worry because I’m slowly but surely recovering and I have so much green goodies to show and to share with you.  So, please bear with me and be a little more patient.  I’ll be back before you know it. I will be back with skincare reviews, makeup reviews, tags, series on…(well, it’s a surprise!),  some inspirational articles and much more.  So please come back to check regularly.

I’m so grateful to and for you!

I also want to thank you for your support and for your love.  If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact form below.

With all my heart,

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